This event is 100% volunteer organized, led and funded.

There are two ways to volunteer:
District Coordinators & Prayer Leaders

These are the servant leader volunteers who bring Inspire Our Schools to their school district.

This volunteer role requires about 1-2 hours of time/week during the months of June-August, depending on the size of your district. However, this role can certainly be shared between 2-3 people!

District Coordinators secure approval from their school district to hold Inspire Our Schools events, and then search for Prayer Leaders for each school and school building (admin. office, bus barn, etc.) in their district. We provide all of the materials, messages & resources you need to fulfill this role – you just need to bring willingness, some time, and organization to the table!

Ready to bring Inspire Our Schools to your school district?
Sign-up as a District Coordinator and we’ll provide all the information and resources you need to hold a successful event in your area. Plus, we’ll support you with email guidance for you and your Prayer Leaders.

Serving as a Prayer Leader is incredibly easy and only takes an hour of your time, but the impact of your prayers is immeasurable!

As a Prayer Leader, you simply promote the event to your friends, family & neighbors. Then, the evening of the event, report to your assigned school at 6:40PM and welcome guests as they show-up. At 7PM, read the scripted prayers we provide. You don’t have to improvise one single word – we provide everything you need. If you love Jesus & can read in front of a group, you can be a Prayer Leader!

Ready to serve as a Prayer Leader? 
Sign-up as a Prayer Leader for a school in your district and we’ll provide all the information and resources you need to feel comfortable and confident in your volunteer role. Plus, we’ll connect you with a volunteer District Coordinator if you have any needs or questions.