Schools that will be participating in the

2022 Inspire Our Schools event

On August 21, 2022 at 7PM, the Inspire Our Schools event will happen simultaneously at all of the schools and school buildings listed below. Simply select a location that is listed as “Participating” and arrive by 7pm. A volunteer Inspire Our Schools Prayer Leader will guide attendees through prayers of blessing and dedication over that location.

All community members are welcome & encouraged to attend!

This list will continue to grow, so check back often to see if your school is listed. Or, complete the “Contact” form below if you would like to volunteer as a District Coordinator or Prayer Leader

ADM School District- Pending District Consent

Adel Elementary1608 Grove Street, AdelSign Up
Meadow View Elementary1300 S.15th Street, AdelSign Up
Desoto Intermediate317 Spruce Street, DeSotoSign Up
Adel High School & Middle School801 Nile Kinnick Dr South, AdelSign Up

Ankeny School District- Participating!

Ankeny Centennial High School2220 NW State St, AnkenySign Up
Ankeny High School1155 SW Cherry St, AnkenySign Up
Ashland Ridge Elementary2600 NW Ash Dr, AnkenySign Up
Crocker Elementary2910 SW Applewood St, AnkenySign Up
East Elementary710 SE Third St, AnkenySign Up
Heritage Elementary301 SW Prairie Trail Pkwy, AnkenySign Up
Northeast Elementary1705 NE Trilein Dr, AnkenySign Up
Northwest Elementary1202 W First St, AnkenySign Up
Northview Middle School1302 N Ankeny Blvd, AnkenySign Up
Parkview Middle School105 NW Pleasant St, AnkenySign Up
Prairie Ridge Middle School1010 NW Prairie Ridge Dr, AnkSign Up
Prairie Trail Elementary School1850 SW College Ave, AnkenySign Up
Rock Creek Elementary3800 NW Abilene Rd, AnkenySign Up
Southeast Elementary1005 SE Trilein Dr, AnkenySign Up
Southview Middle School1020 SW Cherry St, AnkenySign Up
Terrace Elementary310 NW School St, AnkenySign Up
Westwood Elementary2920 NW Ninth St, AnkenyParticipating!

Bondurant-Farrar Community School DistrictNeeds District Coordinator to participate

Morris Elementary700 Garfield St. SW, BondurantSign Up
Anderson Elementary400 Garfield St. SW, BondurantSign Up
Middle School300 Garfield ST SW, BondurantSign Up
High School1000 Grant St. N, BondurantSign Up

Carlisle Community School District-Pending District Consent

Carlisle Elementary430 School St, CarlisleSign Up
Hatford Upper ES400 Jefferson St, CarlisleSign Up
Carlisle Middle School325 Scotch Ridge Rd, CarlisleSign Up
Carlisle High School430 School St, CarlisleSign Up

Des Moines Public School District- Participating!

Brody Middle School2501 Park Ave, DsmSign Up
Brubaker Elementary & Hoyt Middle School2900 E. 42nd St, DsmParticipating!
Callanan Middle School3010 Center St, DsmParticipating!
Capitol View Elementary

320 E. 16th St, DsmSign Up
Carver Community School705 E. University, DsmParticipating!
Cattell Elementary3101 E.12th St, DsmSign Up
Central Academy1912 Grand Ave, DsmSign Up
Cowles Montessori School6401 College Ave, Windsor HeightsSign Up
Downtown School, Scavo, Central Campus1800 Grand Ave, DsmSign Up
East High School815 E. 13th St, DsmParticipating!
Edmunds Elementary950 15th St, DsmParticipating!
Findley Elementary3025 Oxford St, DsmSign Up
Garton Elementary2820 E. 24th St, DsmSign Up
Goodrell Middle School3300 E. 29th St, DsmParticipating!
Greenwood Elementary316 37th St, DsmParticipating!
Hanawalt Elementary225 56th St, DsmSign Up
Harding Middle School203 E. Euclid Ave, DsmParticipating!
Hiatt Middle School1430 E. University Ave, DsmSign Up
Hillis Elementary2401 56th St, DsmSign Up
Howe Elementary2900 Indianola Ave, DsmSign Up
Hubbell Elementary800 42nd St, DsmSign Up
Jackson Elementary3825 Indianola Ave, DsmSign Up
Jefferson Elementary2425 Watrous Ave, DsmSign Up
Jesse Franklin Taylor PK & Middle School Alternative1801 16th St, DsmParticipating!
King Elementary1849 Forest Ave, DsmParticipating!
Lincoln High School2600 SW 9th St, DsmSign Up
Lovejoy Elementary801 E. Kenyon Ave, DsmSign Up
Madison Elementary806 E. Hoffman St, DsmParticipating!
McCombs Middle School201 County Line Rd, DsmSign Up
McKee2116 E. 39th Ct, DsmSign Up
McKinley Elementary1610 SE 6th St, DsmSign Up
Meredith Middle School & Hoover High School4827 Madison Ave, DsmSign Up
Merrill Middle School5301 Grand Ave, DsmSign Up
Mitchell Early Learning Center111 Porter Ave, DsmSign Up
Monroe Elementary3015 Francis Ave, DsmSign Up
Moore Elementary3716 50th St, DsmSign Up
Morris Elementary1401 Geil Ave, DsmParticipating!
Moulton Elementary1541 8th St, DsmSign Up
North High School501 Holcomb Ave, DsmSign Up
Oak Park Elementary3928 6th Ave, DsmParticipating!
Park Avenue Elementary3141 SW 9th St, DsmSign Up
Perkins Elementary4301 College, DsmParticipating!
Phillips Elementary1701 Lay St, DsmSign Up
Pleasant Hill Elementary4801 E. Oakwood Dr, Pleasant HillSign Up
River Woods Elementary2929 SE 22nd St, DsmSign Up
Roosevelt High School4419 Center St, DsmParticipating!
Ruby Van Meter710 28th St, DsmSign Up
Samuelson Elementary3929 Bel Aire Rd, DsmSign Up
South Union Elementary4201 S. Union St, DsmSign Up
Stowe Elementary1411 E. 33rd St, DsmSign Up
Studebaker Elementary300 E. County Line Rd, DsmParticipating!
Walnut Street School901 Walnut St, DsmSign Up
Weeks Middle School901 Park Ave, DsmSign Up
Willard Elementary2941 Dean Ave, DsmSign Up
Windsor Elementary5912 University Ave, DsmSign Up
Woodlawn4000 Lower Beaver Rd, DsmSign Up
Wright Elementary5001 SW 14th St, DsmSign Up
Other DMPS Buildings:
Orchard Place925 SW Porter Ave, DsmSign Up
Facilities1917 Dean Ave, DsmSign Up
Food & Nutrition1225 2nd Ave, DsmSign Up
Technology & Transportation1915 Prospect Rd, DsmSign Up
Administration2100 Fleur Dr, DsmSign Up
Administration2323 Grand Ave, DsmSign Up
Administration1000 Porter Ave, DsmSign Up

Greene County Community School DistrictNeeds District Coordinator to participate

Greene County Early Learning Center204 W Madison St, JeffersonSign Up
Greene County Elementary401 E Russell St, JeffersonSign Up
Greene County Middle School101 Ram Dr, JeffersonSign Up
Greene County High School1901 N Grimmell Rd, JeffersonSign Up

Indianola Community School DistrictNeeds District Coordinator to participate

Emerson Elementary1109 E Euclid Ave, IndianolaSign Up
Indianola High School1304 E 1st Ave, IndianolaSign Up
Indianola Middle School403 S 15th St, IndianolaSign Up
Irving Elementary500 W Clinton Ave, IndianolaSign Up
Laura Ingalls Wilder Elementary2303 W Euclid Ave, IndianolaSign Up
Whittier Elementary1306 W Salem Ave, IndianolaSign Up

Johnston Community School DistrictNeeds District Coordinator to participate

Johnston Early Learning Academy6207 NW 62nd Ave, JohnstonSign Up
Beaver Creek Elementary8701 Lyndhurst Dr, JohnstonSign Up
Horizon Elementary5905 NW 100th St, JohnstonSign Up
Lawson Elementary5450 NW 62nd Ave, JohnstonSign Up
Timber Ridge Elementary7370 NW 54th Ave, JohnstonSign Up
Wallace Elementary6207 NW 62nd Ave, JohnstonSign Up
Summit Middle School9500 Windsor Pkwy, JohnstonSign Up
Johnston Middle School6501 NW 62nd Ave, JohnstonSign Up
Johnston High School6500 NW 100th St, JohnstonSign Up

Murray Community School DistrictPending District Consent

Murray Community School216 Sherman St,
Sign Up

Norwalk Community School DistrictNeeds District Coordinator to participate

Bus Barn2626 North Avenue, NorwalkSign Up
District Office380 Wright Rd, NorwalkSign Up
Eastview 8/91600 North Ave, NorwalkSign Up
Lakewood Elementary9210 Happy Hollow Dr, NorwalkSign Up
Norwalk High School1201 North Avenue, NorwalkSign Up
Norwalk Middle School200 Cherry Pkwy, NorwalkSign Up
Orchard Hills1130 W North Avenue, NorwalkSign Up
Oviatt Elementary713 School Avenue, NorwalkSign Up

SE Polk School DistrictParticipating!

Altoona Elementary301 6th Street SW, AltoonaSign Up
Centennial Elementary910 7th Ave SE, AltoonaSign Up
Clay Elementary3200 1st Ave S, AltoonaSign Up
Deleware Elementary4401 East 46th Street, Des MoinesSign Up
Four Mile Elementary670 Southeast 68th Street, Pleasant HillParticipating!
SE Polk High School7945 NE University Ave, Pleasant HillSign Up
SE Polk Middle School8325 NE University Ave, Pleasant HillSign Up
Mitchellville Elementary308 Elm Ave Northwest, MitchellvilleSign Up
Runnells Elementary407 8th Street SE, AltoonaSign Up
Spring Creek8031 NE University Ave, Pleasant HillSign Up
Willowbrook Elementary300 17th Ave Southwest, AltoonaSign Up

Urbandale Community School DistrictParticipating!

Karen Acres Elementary3500 74th St, UrbandaleSign Up
Metro West Learning Academy4420 NW Urbandale Dr, UrbSign Up
Olmstead Elementary7110 Prarie Ave, UrbandaleSign Up
Rolling Green Elementary8100 Airline Ave, UrbandaleSign Up
Urbandale High School7111 Aurora Ave, UrbParticipating!
Urbandale Middle School7701 Aurora Ave, UrbandaleSign Up
Valerius at Jensen Elementary6301 Aurora Ave, UrbandaleSign Up
Webster Elementary12955 Aurora Ave, UrbandaleSign Up

Van Meter Community School DistrictNeeds District Coordinator to participate

Van Meter Schools520 1st Avenue, Van MeterSign Up

Waukee Community School DistrictParticipating!

Brookview Elementary8000 EP True Pkwy, W DsmSign Up
Bus Barn605 University Ave, WaukeeSign Up
District Administration Office560 SE University Ave, WaukeeSign Up
Eason Elementary605 SE Boone Dr, WaukeeSign Up
Grant Ragan Elementary645 NE Dartmoor Dr, WaukeeSign Up
Maple Grove Elementary1455 98th St, W DsmSign Up
Northwest High School655 NW 10th St, WaukeeSign Up
Prarieview655 SE University Ave, WaukeeSign Up
Radiant Elementary5050 170th St, UrbandaleSign Up
Shuler Elementary16400 Douglas Pkwy, CliveSign Up
South Middle School2350 SE LA Grant Pkwy, WaukeeSign Up
Timberline2605 SE LA Grant Pkwy, WaukeeSign Up
Vince Meyer Learning Center430 Ashworth Dr, WaukeeSign Up
Walnut Hills Elementary4240 NW 156th St, UrbandaleSign Up
Waukee Elementary850 6th St, WaukeeSign Up
Waukee High School555 SE University Ave, WaukeeSign Up
Waukee Innovation & Learning Center (APEX)295 SE Ashworth Rd, WaukeeSign Up
Waukee Middle School905 S Warrior Lane, WaukeeSign Up
Woodland Hills Elementary1120 S 95th St, W DsmSign Up

West Des Moines Community School District- Participating!

Clive Learning Academy1600 73rd St, Windsor HeightsSign Up
Crossroads Park Elementary1050 50th St, WDsmSign Up
Crestview School of Inquiry8355 N Franklin Ave, CliveSign Up
Fairmeadows Elementary807 23rd St, WDsmSign Up
Hillside Elementary713 8th St, WDsmSign Up
Indian Hills Junior High School9401 Indian Hills Dr, CliveSign Up
Jordan Creek Elementary4105 Fuller Rd, WDsmSign Up
Learning Resource Center (Administrative Office)3550 Mills Civic Pkwy, WDsmSign Up
Rex MathesWDsmSign Up
Stilwell Junior High School1601 Vine St, WDsmSign Up
Valley High School3650 Woodland Ave, WDsmSign Up
Valley Southwoods Freshman High School625 S 35th St, WDsmSign Up
Walnut Creek Campus1020 8th St, WDsmSign Up
Western Hills Elementary600 39th St, WDsmSign Up
Westridge Elementary5500 EP True Pkwy, WDsmSign Up

Winterset Community School District- Participating!

Winterset Elementary School404 S 2nd Ave, WintersetSign Up
Winterset Middle School706 W. School St, WintersetSign Up
Winterset Junior High & High Schools720 Husky Dr, WintersetSign Up