Prayer Leader

As a Prayer Leader, you are incredibly vital to the success of this event, our ability to pray over schools in your district, and to spread the word to your community…and yet, it’s such an easy role! You simply complete our contact form and let us know what school you would like to pray over. Then, once assigned to a school, show-up to that school the evening of the event and read the script of prayers we provide to you. It’s that easy and it only takes 1 hour or your time!

Prayer Leader Resources

If you’ve already signed-up as a Prayer Leader, we hope the information below will be incredibly helpful to ensure you’re successful in your volunteer role, but if you have any questions, please contact us at

  • START HERE—> A complete guide to serving as a Prayer Leader.
  • Check out our final all-volunteer rally & connection meeting held on 7/25/21
  • Watch this short training video that shows you just how easy it is to serve as a Prayer Leader!
  • Graphics and documents to help you spread the word on social media & in your church.
  • A complete list of schools in each Des Moines Metro district, as well as churches and contact information in each of those districts.
  • SAMPLE: 2020 Prayer Script – this is similar to what you will be reading at your school this year.